Social Studies

Social Studies

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Adopted textbooks and other curriculum materials are available from multiple sources and vendors. There are also digital subscription resources at negotiated pricing for Adventist schools. Follow the links below to download order forms or access information and instructions.

What do I order?


K-8 Social Studies Cycles

K-8 Social Studies Cycles for Multigrade

How to order

You may order directly from the McGraw Hill website or you may download the following order forms and submit your orders directly McGraw Hill. Download the step-by-step instructions below which contain step-by-step instructions for submitting completed order forms.

Step-by-Step Ordering Instructions

BASIC Order From Grades 5-8

BASIC Order From Grade 5

BASIC Order From Grades K-4

EANS Order Form Grades 5-8

EANS Order Form Grade 5

EANS Order Form Grades K-4

Multigrade Reordering/Replacing Bundles Order Form

Master Code Holders

A Master Code Holder (MCH) is the person who will manage and distribute Master Codes for your school. Master Codes are 16 character/digit codes linked to teacher and student subscripBons. These are used by teachers to register for programs and resources on the ConnectED plaForm.

Master Code Holders will receive an email from the MHE SubscripBon Management team with instrucBons to acBvate their content on ConnectED.

Important Instructions

Master Code Holder Process

ConnectEd Quick Start Guide for Master Code Holder

Social Studies


Cycle documents provide a systematic plan for teaching kindergarten through eight grade, as well as a comprehensive textbook list for single grade, combo-grade and multigrade applications. By using cycles and a common theme, the social studies program creates an awareness of God’s hand in the affairs of men and of man’s obligation to serve others.


McGraw Hill has created a selection of resources for North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Education that can be purchase through the ONLINE STORE.


It is recommended that you and your teachers visit for detailed instructions on accessing your McGraw-Hill online content and using ConnectED.

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