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Social Studies

Helping students navigate the world

Social Studies and history are each intrinsic parts of Adventist education, and serve to amplify and enrich the curriculum through presenting an awareness of God’s hand in the affairs of men and of man’s obligation to serve others.

DISCIPLINES: Social Studies includes but is not limited to courses such as anthropology, archaeology, economics, ethnic studies, geography, history, indigenous studies, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, religious studies, sociology, and other courses that study diverse human experiences.

The North American Division provides resources for the teaching of Social Studies.


Contact your union to get access to our NAD Standards-based Learning Toolbox which includes priority standards, proficiency scales, unit plans, assessments, trainings, and engaging faith-based resources


The Adventist Learning Community site for Social Studies training and resources for teachers.


K-8 Social Studies Cycles

K-8 Social Studies Cycles for Multigrade

Social Studies


What is Social Studies?

Social Studies is the study of individuals, people, and communities through time and place by analyzing evidence from multiple sources.

Social Studies helps students to navigate the world. By exploring the past, participating in the present, and looking toward the future, Social Studies prepares learners for a life-long practice of civil discourse and civic engagement in their communities and the world.

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